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'' STREET ''

A story about the current scenario of streets,where people have regularly face troubles by ...


The early man sitting inside a cave eating something (fruit/meat). Inside the cave it’s getting dark (twilight) Outside the cave, thunder and lightning can be seen and heard. The early man looks puzzled and gets up. The outside lightning throws some light inside the cave which shows some cave paintings on the wall and stone tools (spear/ hammer) lying on the floor. The man walks (hobbles) across to the cave mouth and extends his hand to feel the weather. Right then another lightning happens and a tree catches fire. The entire screen lights up. The man looks at the burning tree and walks up to it. He picks up a burning tree branch and looks at it in amazement. He tries to feel the fire but is surprised by the heat and shouts in agony. With the burning branch he lights up the bushes around. Then the rain starts pouring in and slowly the fire starts to die down.


The same early man is creating a stone tool (a spear). The surrounding area has lot of dry grass/ leaves.He is hitting a stone with another to sharpen it and small flickers of fire are coming out now & then.Suddenly, a slightly bigger flicker of fire falls on the dry grass/ leaves and a fire is created.
The early man is surprised and starts scratching his head and think of the lightning of the other evening.The early man gathers more dry grass and puts them on the fire. Immediately the fire is doused and only smoke comes out. There’s puzzlement in his face.The early man scratches his chin and then picks up the stones. He starts rubbing the stones against each other. And suddenly, another flicker of fire falls on the gathered dry grass/ leaves causing fire.The early man starts dancing around the bonfire. The scene slowly fades out.


Hello people, welcome to another animation short movies. So today I have one new poster of drawing animation short movies.This is the best out of a few movies of my blogs & i hope everyone like it.

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