Friday, March 1, 2013


[Click here for ''HD'']The early man sitting inside a cave eating something (fruit/meat). Inside the cave it’s getting dark (twilight) Outside the cave, thunder and lightning can be seen and heard. The early man looks puzzled and gets up. The outside lightning throws some light inside the cave which shows some cave paintings on the wall and stone tools (spear/ hammer) lying on the floor. The man walks (hobbles) across to the cave mouth and extends his hand to feel the weather. Right then another lightning happens and a tree catches fire. The entire screen lights up. The man looks at the burning tree and walks up to it. He picks up a burning tree branch and looks at it in amazement. He tries to feel the fire but is surprised by the heat and shouts in agony. With the burning branch he lights up the bushes around. Then the rain starts pouring in and slowly the fire starts to die down.

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